A whole new world!

Starting in February, 2018, our agency will be focusing more on helping more businesses with their insurance needs.  We have always done this, but only on a "reactive" basis - as in, someone calls us for a quote.  But starting now, we'll be more "proactive" - as in, we'll call, email, and visit businesses to see if we can help them.
What is it with people's perception of us insurance people?  I mean, I totally understand that there are some Agents out there who will try to oversell you into buying you things you truly don't need!  And I really get bugged by the VERY few of those that I see evidence of.  But in general, we truly are there to help make sure you are not OVER or UNDER insured!  Really!!  There are plenty of tests out there that prove that the best insurance agents out there have it in their hearts to HELP.
Of course, we need to make a living too, so if you are a business and you get your door knocked on, or called, or emailed, by an insurance pro, how's about giving them the time of day to let them do their little intro speech and maybe even let them quote you!  Who knows, they might be able to get you a better value than you currently have even!  That is their goal... to HELP YOU!
Thanks and have a great day!
submitted by Andy