Additional Insured

Commercial General Liability Insurance: are you properly covered?  Should a contractor you perform work for be listed on your policy as an additional insured?  These are very common questions in the insurance world today.  Typically, your general liability policy covers you & your employees for liability in the work that you perform for your customers.  Adding an additional insured to your policy protects that additional insured for liability "arising out of work you perform".  One example I can think of would be that of a cleaning company:  
Company A (you) do the cleaning at Company B (additional insured).  One of Company A employees mops the floor with the wrong cleaner and leaves the floor extremely slippery.  A customer goes to Company B & slips/falls causing injury.  Customer files suit against Company B for liability.  Because this slippery floor is a result of the work of an employee of Company A and Company B is listed as an additional insured on Company A's insurance policy, Company B has additional liability coverage under Company A's policy because the incident occurred "arising out of" work Company A performed. 
Be sure to check with your agent to make sure you are properly covered for all liability exposures.
Submitted by Tammy