Captive Vs. Independent

Hello Friends, Family, Clients, Potential Clients. 

I am writing this Blog Entry today, because my Dad, Andy, the Owner of the Agency, is asking to me to. We believe that a website with Blog entries every so often will get more views than one that has none. We are always looking for ways to get our Business more Business, and if a Blog is one, then we will have a Blog!
I was struggling very hard on what to write about for this Blog, as I am not exactly a person who just writes for fun by any means. I thought that I would tackle the thought process of buying from an Independent Agency, versus Buying from a Captive Agency. Not a lot of people know the difference, and not a lot of people even know there IS a difference. 
First, let me explain the Difference between Independent Agency, and a Captive Agency. 
A Captive Agency is an agency that can only sell one single Insurance Company Product. For example; State Farm, Farm Bureau,  Farmers. These type of Captive Agents sell their Customer that specific companies Product, and then after the Policy renews, they renew with that Specific company. Year after year the customer stays with that specific company no matter what happens to the Price or coverage, because that Captive Agency only sells that company. Captive Agencies have the Majority of Personal lines customers in the United States, but I personally think that is because the Marketing these captive Agencies do. 
An Independent Agency, sells many company's products to their Customers. Shield Insurance is an Independent Agency, we sell 8 different Home and Auto Companies to our Customers. Here is the List; Wolverine Mutual Insurance, Fremont Insurance, State Auto Insurance, Foremost Specialty Insurance, Progressive Insurance, AAA Insurance, Safe-co Insurance, Grange Insurance. When an Independent Agency Writes a policy for a client, they quote all of their companies to figure out which one is going to give that client the lowest price, with the best coverage, and that is who they put the client with. After 6 months when the Policy Renews, the agent will evaluate the Price, and if there is any sort of Increase, the agent will check all of their Other companies they Represent, and see if any of them have a cheaper price, and if they do, they will present that to their Client, and save them Money on the renewal.  (Some agencies don't check, but we do!).
This is the Process of a Captive Agency, Versus an Independent Agency. The Independent Agent Shops for you, Year after Year. The Captive agent, keeps you as a Client Year after year, while your Policies are stuck with one Company. 
Obviously I am a Bit bias being an Independent Agent, but just think about the Thought process, would someone want to go somewhere they can only receive the same quote, or would they want to go somewhere that shops for them, and find the best price for them. 
I have yet to find More Benefits to being a with a Captive Agency, versus an Independent Agency, but if anyone knows any, feel free to Email me about it!
Thanks for reading my Blog Entry today Folks, Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
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