Sun. Ahhh yes, the thought of having some warm sunshine after a long winter would be lovely but unfortunately here we are in Michigan, a few weeks past Easter and there are snowflakes falling outside my window. What is a Michigander's favorite saying?...If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes and the it will change. True. That is what provoked my thoughts for this entry. 
You see...I was at Walmart the other day and I noticed that there were some people buying trampolines and above ground swimming pools. Was there a sale? Was it the desire to have warm weather and have entertainment for the kids and family? Could be, but did you ever stop and think about the risks involved? (Insurance agent mentality at its best).
"The kids want a trampoline and this one is on sale for 60% off, let's buy it!" "It gets so hot in the summer that the kids would love a quick set up above ground pool."
Well my friend, have you thought about whether or not your current home insurance company would surcharge you for having that trampoline or pool in your backyard or maybe they won't even want to insure your home any longer if you end up getting one!  I bet you didn't. You just want to find a way for the kids to remain physically active, off the computer/cell phones, and out of the house for some decent "me time" or "clean time".
Actually you might be one of the people whose insurance company will NOT want to insure if you have one of these items. Yes! Some insurance companies will not allow a trampoline or a trampoline without a net guard all around it. Worse yet, a swimming pool with a diving board or a slide can be taboo for some insurance companies. Think of the risk involved? Someone can fall off the trampoline and break a bone or drown in a pool. Heaven forbid a toddler finds their way to the pool and falls in somehow. If an insurance company allows the items, it can be with certain stipulations and watch out for the surcharge or "penalty" for having one. Don't you dare have a pool without a fence around it or enclosing your backyard. Worse scenario, a trampoline next to the above ground pool. Sounds like it could be fun. You could treat it like part of the course in a Ninja Warrior extreme sporting course right? WRONG! That's a big fat negative. 
Listen, I am just trying to save you some time, money, and feelings of disappointment from the kids by saying, "Call your insurance company and ask them if you are allowed to  have a trampoline or an above ground pool in your backyard BEFORE YOU GO OUT AN SPEND THE MONEY ON IT." Your insurance may say no. or yes, you can have it but the cost would be......fill in the blank. If you already bought one, set it up, the kids are playing in it, and then you learn that you have to tear it down or pay more to have it.....this will just disappoint everyone. 
All insurance companies do not have the same rules and conditions. Call and find out what's allowable before you spend the money for the purchase and the energy setting it up.
Once you get the "OK" or you agree to pay if there are extra charges....let me know, invite me over so I can take a dip,soak up the sun, or jump till my hearts content because my insurance wont allow me to have one. Howya like them apples?