All Season tires Versus Winter/Snow tires

All Season tires versus Winter/Snow tires:

 The tread compound of all-season tires can harden in low temperatures, so there's less traction between the road and your tires.  But winter tires use special rubber compounds that stay pliable in the cold, giving them better grip and improved braking, even in extreme conditions.

 Sometimes Michigan cold temperatures tend to drag on for longer periods of time.  If it's still below the 45-50 degree mark, leave the tires on. If the temperatures are well above freezing, 50s and above,  then make sure to get those winter tires off and get your summer tires placed back on your vehicle.  The longer you leave your winter tires on, the faster your treads are going to wear off your tires. 

 I absolutely love my winter tires!  They help out my vehicle a lot! But I will not take them off until the freezing temperatures are over.  Since Memorial Day is almost here, I would definitely say "get those winter tires off of your vehicle".  :)

Submitted by Dawn