Other drivers in household?

One of the many questions we ask while preparing an auto quote is if there are other drivers in the household.  Here are some of the reasons why:

First off, under Michigan’s No-Fault rules, if someone ( let’s call him Marvin) is in an Auto accident and needs medical attention, Marvin’s auto insurance will end up paying those medical bills.  It doesn’t matter if Marvin caused the accident or if he got hit.  It doesn’t even matter if Marvin was walking down the street and got struck by a car, Marvin’s auto insurance will get that bill.

Now if Marvin doesn’t have auto insurance, guess who would be next in line to get those bills?  If Marvin lives with someone, that person’s auto insurance would be next in line.

So that’s why the insurance companies want to know who lives with you.  If your roommates are driving without insurance, there’s a good chance a medical bill would land in your insurance company’s mailbox.

submitted by Joe