Fall is here!

Guess what? It is Autumn, and it is never too early to start preparing your home for the winter months. 

Here are a few suggestions to get you started while the weather is still mild.  

1.  Check and clean out all of your gutters of all debris (do this after all of the leaves have fallen).

2. Inspect all of the siding around your home, something that may be loose right now, will be gone when we get those nice winterly gusts that are just around the corner. Brrrrr

3.  Be sure to check all of your water drainage areas and make sure they are all free and clear of all blockages.

4.  Time to clean the garage, so you have a place to park your car before the snow flies.

5.  Fertilize your lawn. If you fertilize your lawn now, it will prevent winter damage and those pesky spring weeds that you just enjoy to pull once it gets warm outside!

6.  Organize your shed/ garage so that all of the yard toys and gadgets get the back of the shed and the snowblower and snowshovels get in the front. 

7. Put away your seasonal furniture, flower pots and yard decor. 

8.  Check your trees that are very close to your home, they may be hanging low now, but with a few inches of thick wet snow they will become much lower, so if you trim the trees and hedges now, it will be much more easier than trying to do it  in a blizzard!

Of course, these are just a few suggestions for the weather that we have approaching us, but while we are still in our shorts and it feels like summer, better to get it done now, than later!!!

Have a wonderful Fall season!!!!

Submitted by Dawn