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$5,000 Community Development Grants for GR

The Grand Rapids Economic Development Office said they would be offering $5,000 Community Development Grants to eligible small businesses. (WEYI/File) GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The Grand […]

Don’t Ignore Open Enrollment

Insurance and you — why open enrollment is not something to ignore. Consider your options carefully and keep your eye on the clock. If you […]

Medicare Choices

When Medicare Choices Get ‘Pretty Crazy,’ Many Seniors Avert Their Eyes A new study shows that more than half of enrollees don’t review or compare […]

Disappointed with Medicare?

3 Reasons Retirees May Be Disappointed With Their Medicare Coverage Your insurance coverage may not be as comprehensive as you think. Medicare coverage kicks in […]

Healthcare Premiums Drop

Healthcare Premiums Drop Slightly As 2021 Open Enrollment Period Draws Near Even with the election and oral argument in California v. Texas looming, the 2021 open enrollment […]

Toys for Tots Christmas Fun Center

Toys for Tots through our Marines and volunteers are determined to spread some fun and joy throughout the holiday season Click here to visit their […]

Getting your Medicare coverage right

PUBLISHED FRI, OCT 23 20208:00 AM EDTUPDATED FRI, OCT 23 20201:51 PM EDT Sarah O’Brien@SARAHTGOBRIEN KEY POINTS Whether you’re reviewing your Medicare coverage during open […]

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