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Healthcare Enrollment 2021 Reopens

Jan 28, 2021  Affordable Care Act Healthcare Enrollment Period in response to the COVID-19 Emergency The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) national emergency has presented unprecedented […]

National Bath Safety Month

4 Tips for National Bath Safety Month Keep the fun in the tub throughout the month of January. Stay with her.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends […]

Dave’s Easiest Money-Saving Tip

Dave’s Easiest Money-Saving Tip 4 MINUTE READ | DECEMBER 17, 2020 Everyone loves saving money—especially after the year we’ve just come out of. 2020 was a […]

Give Employees Cash for Insurance

Give Employees Cash to Purchase Their Own Insurance Employers’ and employee’s health care costs continue to skyrocket. A solution is to allow employers to give […]

Insuring Your Home-Based Business

How Should You Insure Your Home-Based Business? Three Basic Coverage Options Home-Based Business Owners Should Know  Updated November 19, 2020 Many businesses begin in the […]

3 Ways to Winterize Your Business

3 ways to winterize your business For business owners, Jack Frost can nip at more than your nose. If you don’t winterize, bitter winter temperatures […]

Are Electric Space Heaters Safe?

Are electric space heaters safe? Electric space heaters can be used safely, but they are not the safest option for staying warm when the temperature […]

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