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Insuring Your Home-Based Business

How Should You Insure Your Home-Based Business? Three Basic Coverage Options Home-Based Business Owners Should Know  Updated November 19, 2020 Many businesses begin in the […]

3 Ways to Winterize Your Business

3 ways to winterize your business For business owners, Jack Frost can nip at more than your nose. If you don’t winterize, bitter winter temperatures […]

How to build a fleet safety program

How many vehicles in your fleet? When you have employees driving on behalf of your business — whether or not they use a company vehicle — […]

What is a Qualifying Event and Why Does It Matter?

The terms Qualifying Event, Special Enrollment Period, and Open Enrollment Period get tossed around in conversation when discussing both employer-sponsored benefits and individual health insurance […]

$5,000 Community Development Grants for GR

The Grand Rapids Economic Development Office said they would be offering $5,000 Community Development Grants to eligible small businesses. (WEYI/File) GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The Grand […]

Umbrella Protection

Why an umbrella policy? Higher limits, broader coverages. You want to keep your hard-earned assets and lifestyle. We want to help. Monetary damage awards from lawsuits […]

Umbrella Insurance Policies

Hello everyone, this is Tj Simmons from Shield Insurance, and today I wanted to write a blog about an Umbrella Policy, and what it actually […]

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