Traffic tickets that raise car insurance rates

Odds are, motorists are bound to get traffic tickets for some kind of moving violation at some point. How much that ticket will cost can be minimal, but its impact on insurance premiums can be significant.

Overall, the more a driver puts themselves and opens in a new windowothers at risk, the costlier their insurance policy will be.

For instance, drivers who get traffic tickets for forgetting to turn on their lights pay an average of $68 more per year for car insurance than drivers without any violations on their record, according to The Zebra. Drivers who get a ticket for speeding in a school zone will see an average insurance increase of $342 per year.

The riskiest violations, however, can more than double an existing auto premium. Depending on the state or city, the same offense could increase rates by 36% or by 383%. Moreover, high-cost penalties hit drivers twice as hard in low-income states, The Zebra researchers said.

Focusing on the greatest threats to insureds, six violations in traffic tickets cost drivers over $1,000 a year in rate hikes and have the biggest impact on auto insurance premiums.

Six most expensive traffic tickets

  1. Hit-and-run, Average rate increase: $1,212 (78.3%)
  2. Racing, Average rate increase: $1,131 (73.1%)
  3. DUI, Average rate increase: $1,100 (71%)
  4. Refusing a breathalyzer, Average rate increase: $1,080 (69.8%)
  5. Driving with a suspended license, Average rate increase: $1,044 (67.4%)
  6. Reckless driving, Average rate increase: $1,038 (67%)