Agent Calieen Keeler

Calieen Keeler

My name is Calieen Keeler, born and raised here in Michigan. I grew up in Cedar Springs and still currently reside in the area with my husband and our family. Together we have a beautiful blended family with 5 kids ranging in ages from 22 to 4.5 months! Our family keeps us very busy with spending time with our adult children as much as we can so they can spoil their younger siblings, as well as karate for our 11 year old son – he has his green belt, working very hard towards his black belt! Our youngest daughter is a cheer leader, following in her older sisters’ footsteps 🙂 And of course, having a baby with our youngest prior to him being 7 years old so it is like starting all over again! 

Meet Calieen Keeler, Agent at Shield Insurance
Together we have a beautiful blended family with 5 kids ranging in ages from 22 to 4.5 months!

After high school, I went to college and got my degree in Medical Assistant. I worked at Butterworth Hospital for 4 years and then went on to do in-home health care for a few years. I loved the one-on-one care I was able to give to my clients. During that time, one of our daughters, who was 15 at the time, was in a horrific car accident. I spent hours dealing over the phone with our auto insurance company about our coverage and how she was covered regarding the medical bills and it was very frustrating because I had no knowledge of auto insurance and how it worked in Michigan with our State laws. Once she was healed and things had settled down, I decided that I wanted to move my career into the insurance industry so I can educate others about auto insurance and how it can protect families if they were to ever find themselves in an unthinkable event. 

I worked for Allstate Insurance for 3 years and learned so much during that time! It is rewarding to me to educate my customers about the ins and outs of insurance since a lot of them had no idea how having the wrong coverage could affect them! Working in insurance and educating my customers has become my passion, it is something that we all need to have – mandatory or not. It had become my dream goal to be an insurance agent one day and thanks to Shield Insurance Agency, I was able to partner with them and make my dream a reality!

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